Driving during the busy holiday season presents many challenges for Savannah, TN drivers. Carrying food in the car while traveling, whether cross-town or cross-state, is a challenge that the Jones Nissan team would like to help you solve.

You should always drape a towel over your car’s interior to keep it protected from any food spills. If you can put your dishes in a box, do so! One of the best ways to keep food items from spilling in your car is to wrap everything well. If you have a large slow cooker or pot with a locking lid, using them is a perfect way to ensure you don't spill.

Carry pies and cakes in covered pastry dishes and dry items like rolls and cookies can be carried on plates wrapped in foil. Another tip is to put all food items in your floorboard or trunk.

Enjoying good food during the holidays doesn't have to mean a dirty car. For more tips on keeping your vehicle clean, call Jones Nissan in Savannah, TN.

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