Get Great Service with Our Mechanics at Jones Nissan

It is always better to get your vehicle serviced at a dealership by a private mechanic. You will get OEM parts over generic ones, and you will not have to wait for parts to be ordered since they will most likely have them on hand. At Jones Nissan, we look to provide our local Savannah, TN drivers with a top local solution to their service needs.

If your car needs attention, be sure to bring it to our experienced service staff to get it fixed. A dealership has more lifts and a bigger staff so that you won't be waiting as long to get your car in. They also have access to the latest recalls, and they are fully capable of getting your car fixed correctly the first time.

Our dealership has a very nice waiting area as well which makes a difference if you have to repair to be done. So if you want great service, good parts, and friendly technicians to answer your questions, be sure to stop into our showroom at 1260 Wayne Road.

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