Here Are The Fluids Your Vehicle Needs

Not many of us are mechanics, and that’s more than OK. However, we should be aware of the many different fluids that exist in our vehicles. Here is a list of the most common types of fluids, so take heed and remember them.

Motor oil is, by far, the most common type of fluid that pops to mind when we think of vehicular fluids. You should have it replaced every 5,000 miles. Check it regularly, and if your vehicle leaks it, have it service immediately. Running out of oil could result in permanent vehicle failure.

Brake fluid is the bridge between your floorboard’s brake pedal and the calipers affixed to your wheels that allow it to slow down. Without it, your brakes would unarguably not function. Check it every few weeks, at least no longer than each month.

Need help changing your fluids, or even finding where they should be poured? Contact us here at Jones Nissan for your vehicle's repair and maintenance needs.

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