When your exhaust system is functioning properly, your car will run more efficiently. Getting your exhaust system maintained improves your gas mileage and will allow your car to speed up more rapidly. If you have problems with your exhaust system, you may notice several problems. The Jones Nissan service team can help.

If your car is very loud when driving down the street, there's a problem with the muffler. A hole in your muffler can make your car very loud, and this needs to be repaired as soon as possible. There can be a number of holes in your exhaust system which will leak toxic fumes into your car. You may also notice that your car won't pick up speed when you are pressing the gas. This can mean that the engine isn't get an adequate flow of air. If you notice problems with how your car is driving, bring your car to our Nissan service center in Savannah, TN to have it looked at right away.

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